Tuesday, 14 July 2009

ok weigh in day

well i actualy weighed in yesterday as i was worried about my lack of loss, for some reason felt i had gained and went to speak to a different leader as i didnt have my leaders info, she weighed me and i had actualy gained i was gutted i hadnt lossed but even more gutted i had gained. After talking to some people on weight watchers who are absolutely lovely i descovred i am actualy doing a few things wrong. so im going to rectify them.
Today i had a docs appointment to find out if there is any reason why im not losing weight, and cos i have just had a baby apparently its common for things to go wrong with your bowls after and since my son has been born i have been having major problems with my bowls not working properly. So there looking into wether there is anything wrong. im also given some tablets to help my digestive system work properly. As well in 2 weeks they may give me some weight loss tablets obviously to help lose the extra weight at my current weight means i qualify for it
I purchased the new italian cook book yesterday and there looks to be a few things in there id love to try. i got a pedomiter too to help boost my activity points and so far i have earned 0.5 activity points.
so today my meals have been a bit naughty but as folows
2 rashers of bacon and 2 scrambked eggs 4 points
missed dinner but had some chicken 100g 2.5
chicken curry for tea 10 points
i have also had 3 weight watchers mouses at 2 ponts each
points total 22.5

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