Monday, 13 July 2009

Starting a fresh

So im staring a fresh as i had not a good time but not a bad time to start with i have lost 6.5lbs to start but i have along way to go to reach my 9 stone 10 lb target but im sure i can do it.
the pic is of me in white is 2005 after the birth of my first daughter its one of the only pics i can find of myself as i dont like photos

the next pic is after my son its the most recent pic i can find it was the day after but still reminds me i dont want to be that size anymore.
i have a few mini goals i hope to achive along the way my first is to get to the 5% wich is 17 stone .1lb my second goal is to lose one stone and my 3rd goal is to brak the 10% mark and get my 10% key ring

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